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z1Gzyc gDPAV4 nKd4u! sounds better at 100bpm


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This is great

My Sick beat: o2lGQ1 GNjeVt SeDHM2

can you add a muve peace system?

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Cool Idea but I have no audio from the game.

kinda ruins the experience

Im on a mac through safari

here's what i made: FYyG7z 7N0KFB 0Mfb32

oh and my first one which i don't like as much: d0iCan g30U9c ?UIQ0q

(1 edit) (+2)

accidentally refreshed my screen the 4 hours on it gone never to be heard of again. but it is great game add a save file to the game plz


What an amazing game. I love it and have been sharing with others. Love it and thank you for making it. Imma spend days on this lol x


If anyone wants a code far into the game here it is:




I know this is an old project but how 😂


cool game :)


thanks for making this. it's a really fun game/drum machine! ^^