Rhythmcremental is an incrementally evolving drum machine where players create their own beats in a "clicker" game.

Click the “Click” box to gain points. Points are used to buy items which you drag from the left of the screen into the grid at the right. Items in the grid add points automatically.


If you experience issues with performance (including timing), consider closing other software or downloading a standalone version below.

Android version also available on Google Play

iOS version available on the App Store

Follow Batta on itch.io for updates.


Rhythmcremental (1.02) - Mac 32 MB
Rhythmcremental (1.02) - Windows 27 MB
Rhythmcremental (1.02) - Linux 42 MB
Rhythmcremental (1.02) - Android 37 MB

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If anyone wants a code far into the game here it is:



I know this is an old project but how 😂


cool game :)


thanks for making this. it's a really fun game/drum machine! ^^