A downloadable Digital Game Piece for Windows and macOS

by Paul Turowski and Simon Hutchinson

In Plurality Spring, players perform music to control robotic avatars exploring an unknown orb in deep space. Using the microphone to track pitches, the live acoustic player/performers control the movement of the robots as well as the emergent sonic environments.

The piece is both a standalone game and a framework for musical improvisation.

The live acoustic audio mixes with in-game sound, creating an emergent augmented reality musical performance. Randomized levels, real-time decisions, and reactive audio lead to distinct musical results with each playthrough.

Headphones required.

If the game runs slowly, try reducing the resolution and switching to "Performance" in the quality menu. 

Plurality Spring was premiered at the Open Circuit Festival in Liverpool, UK, March 24, 2017.


Plurality Spring (Mac) 44 MB
Plurality Spring (Win) 42 MB

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